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When most people think about air pollution, they think of factories that belch thick black smoke into the air and people having to wear masks whenever they want to go outside.

It’s rare that people consider the possible air pollution taking place inside their homes. The truth, though, is that we’re often exposed to toxic indoor air on a daily basis.

最大的罪魁祸首之一?我们的清洁用品, especially the products we use to clean our carpets.

Luckily, there are a lot of eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods you can utilize to keep your home fresh and clean without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals.


1。Water, Vinegar, Salt, and Essential Oil Blends

您可以用来清洁地毯的最好的工具之一,消除霉菌生长避免接触有毒成分是一个简单的,homemade solution made of water, vinegar, salt, and essential oils.


  • 2杯水
  • 1cup of white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 15 drops your favorite essential oil (lavender is a popular option)

Be sure to use a 100 percent pure essential oil, rather than an essential oil blend. Essential oil blends are less potent and may contain questionable, potentially toxic ingredients like artificial fragrance.



You don’t always have to clean your entire carpet. In fact, a full carpet cleaning should only take place about once a year (maybe twice if you have pets or small children).

Overcleaning your carpet will cause it to wear out more quickly and could even cause it to fade.

Instead, in between full cleanings, focus on spot treating with household products like baking soda, salt, and club soda.

Baking soda is a great tool for getting rid of odors from pet stains or spills. Cornstarch works well for grease stains, as does cornmeal.

Club Soda是一个很好的选择,如果您的地毯上有咖啡渍,盐对于摆脱泥浆,污垢甚至红葡萄酒是有效的。

3.。Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is the ultimate eco-friendly carpet cleaning method.



There are lots of green carpet cleaning products that will allow you to get rid of stains and odors without requiring you to breathe in any toxic fumes.

The great thing about the carpet cleaning products used for steam cleaning is the fact that many of them are highly concentrated. This means you don’t have to use very much product to get the job done. It’s great for your carpet and your wallet.

4.。Dry Carpet Cleaning


干地毯清洁高效而且convenient. All you need is some baking soda and some essential oils to add a nice scent.



5. Professional Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, professional carpet cleaning can be very eco-friendly. The key is to find a carpet cleaner that uses green products.


If you purchase a green carpet shampoo and have it on hand when the cleaner arrives, there’s a good chance they’ll be willing to use it instead of the product they normally use.


Click for moreinformation here to learn about cleaners who are already doing this.

Tips for Maintaining Clean Carpets

If you’ve put the work in to clean your carpets without the use of harsh chemicals, you probably want to do whatever you can to keep them clean for as long as possible.

Listed below are some tips that will help you do just this:

  • Vacuum on a regular basis— use your baking soda and essential oil blend if you want to combat odors
  • 斑点污渍一旦发生了
  • Avoid wearing shoeswhen walking on the carpet — stick to bare feet, socks, or slippers
  • Lay down rugs or chair matsto prevent wear and tear
  • Replace vacuum bags and filters定期 - 这有助于您更有效地完成真空工作


Looking for More Green Cleaning Tips?

As you can see, there are a lot of different eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods you can implement to keep your home fresh and clean.


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