green renovation

Did you know that the average American has a carbon footprint of over20 metric tons每年?这种碳被排放到大气中,是全球变暖的巨大贡献者。


Luckily, there are things to that environmentally conscious homeowners can do to make their homes more eco-friendly. Ready to get started with a green renovation? Here’s what you need to know.

Replace Old Appliances

Old, inefficient appliances like your washer and dryer, your oven, your refrigerator, and your洗碗机全部能源排水管。切换这些旧电器可以是削减我们家用的能量的好方法。


Your home climate system is another feature of your home that uses a lot of energy. Effective insulation is essential to making sure that the energy does not escape out of your home.

除了保温墙,它也是important to understand other ways that heating and cooling escape. For instance, thick, double-paned windows will retain the temperature in your home more than old, thin ones.

您家的破裂基础也可以让空气逃脱。如果你不知道how to repair foundation cracks,联系知识渊博的承包商是一个很好的想法来帮助。


If you’re planning to do a major renovation to your home’s flooring, cabinets or hardware, then choosing sustainable materials can be a good way to reduce waste.

For instance, one good choice is reusing existing building materials for your home. You can either look for places that sell reclaimed materials, or you can reclaim them yourself.


Also, think about reusing materials from demolition. If you knock down walls or pull up floors, you’ll like have some bricks or wood pieces. These materials can be reused for your project, or for another project.

Save Water

Electricity and energy are not the only sources of waste from your home. Homes also use a lot of water, which is an important resource. There are a couple of ways you can reduce the amount of water you use.




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