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All around us, climate change is having a marked effect on the planet. Scientists recently announced that the oceans arehotter than ever before, while wildfires like those in Australia areexpected to become commonplace.

Everyone needs to make a difference. There are100 companiesthat contribute 71 percent of the world’s emissions. While these are the companies that most need to change, we’re beginning to see smaller companies transition into eco-friendly companies, too.

When you’re considering where to buy your products and services from, look to environmentally-conscious brands. We know that keeping up with companies’ environmental policies can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to help.

Ready to discover which brands deserve your custom? Then read on!

1. Toms Shoes

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, we’rd recommend checking out Toms Shoes. This green company makes all of its shoes from sustainable and recyclable materials, meaning they won’t be sitting in a garbage dump a millennium from now.

The company has another great charitable trick up its sleeve, too. The company donates one pair of shoes to children in need for every pair that is sold. They also help provide healthcare and clean drinking water to developing communities around the world.

It’s not just shoes that Toms sell, either. They also sell eyewear, coffee, and handbags.


When you think about vending machines, you probably don’t think of eco-friendly brands. Surely all those machines that stock huge corporations’ food and use huge amounts of electricity can’t be healthy, right?

健康你自动售货makes vending machines with a difference.

These vending machines stock healthy snacks and don’t require employees to maintain. They are linked up to a smartphone app, which lets the franchisee manage the machines from a distance. Fewer people means fewer greenhouse gases getting to and from work.

The snacks that they stock are important too. These are the same healthy snacks you may find in Trader Joe’s. They aren’t processed foods, backed by huge agribusiness: they’re snacks that are kinder to the planet.

The best part? If you become a franchisee, you can make money while helping out the planet.

3. Lanzatech

It’s always impressive when startups join the ranks of eco-friendly companies. No one would hate these companies if they focused more on trying to make money, but some are more conscientious.

One such company is Lanzatech. This company aims to capture CO2 before it is emitted into the atmosphere, recycle it, and turn it into fuel.

The company believes that it could help 65 percent of the world’s steel mills. These carbon emissions could be made into ethanol, which would then be used as jet fuel.


We bet that you don’t think of IKEA when thinking of green companies. However, the Swedish furniture giant is undoubtedly one of the better large companies.

The store sources at least 50 percent of its wood from sustainable forests and 100 percent of its cotton is grown in accordance with the Better Cotton standards. These standards require that the farms use less water, electricity, and pesticides in the growing process.

There are a few other, more obvious, things that IKEA is doing well. Next time you head to an IKEA store, keep an eye open for the solar panels. The company tries to produce as much electricity as it can via renewable methods, with solar panels sometimes all over the stores’ parking lots.

As you leave the store, you may also notice a crate full of wood off-cuts. These are free to take and reuse for your projects.

5. Beyond Meat

No matter whether you eat meat or not, we need to start reducing our meat consumption as a species. The meat industry produces a lot of greenhouse gases, and switching to a majority plant-based dietcan help the planet.

That’s where Beyond Meat comes in. This company makes plant-based burgers and other meat products that taste just like the real thing!

Instead of relying on animal protein to give the burger its signature texture, Beyond Meat burgers are made of pea, rice, and bean proteins. If you want to enjoy burgers with a clean conscience, then give a Beyond Meat patty a try!

6. Patagonia

Looking for some outdoor clothes? Then Patagonia might be the company for you. This company is renowned not only for making top-quality activewear but for helping the environment along the way.

Look beyond their new gear and you’ll find a range called Worn Wear. These clothes are made from older clothes, reusing material rather than making more anew.

The company also operates repair centers that can fix your clothes if they go into a hole. They want you to get as much use as you can out of their clothing.

While Patagonia isn’t the platonic ideal of a green company, and they do have areas they need to improve, they’re honest about this. Other companies need to realize that consumers respect honesty, especially in this department.

7. Adobe

Many computer companies use profligate amounts of power. Not so with Adobe. This company has been recognized as one of the greenest IT companies in the world.

A whopping 70 percent of its buildings have a LEED certification. This means that they meet green standards.

The company has also reduced its packaging and its water usage during California’s drought. If you want to use software from a company that cares about the environment, look no further than Adobe.

Buying from Eco-Friendly Companies

There is no ethical consumption that can save the world from climate change. Yet every time we buy from eco-friendly companies, we help push back catastrophic global warming that little bit more. It gives us more time to address the problems that need addressing.

Buying from the green companies that we’ve discussed can make a difference. Do your research, and see what your dollars are supporting!

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