How Electrochromic Glass Can Save Your Business Money

When it comes to green building practices, electrochromic glass, or “smart glass”, are the words on everybody’s lips. Within commercial andresidential architecture, as well as the automotive industry, sales in smart glass are skyrocketing.

Windows that allow you to control how much light comes in and gets out are saving businesses time and money. This will increase your energy efficiency and those all-important green credentials.

If you’re wondering how electrochromic glass can save your business some serious money, read on.

Electrochromic Glass Reduces Heat Bills

If you’re looking for a basic explanation of the science behind smart glass, here’s what you need to know. The glass uses lithium ions to adjust its transparency according to the levels of natural light reflecting off the surface.

这意味着,当有很多阳光,you can choose to let more in or keep more out depending on your temperature needs. In the summer months, high levels of sunlight will heat up anoffice buildingconsiderably.

This, in turn, will cause you to crank up the AC, potentially costing thousands of dollars a year. Electrochromic windows can automatically adjust to keep that sunlight out and cool your building for free.

Developers of smart glass estimate that businesses can savearound 25%on HVAC costs simply by using this material. This is a considerable saving for your business.

This reverse is also true; in the colder months, you want to maximize the free heat energy you get from the sun. Smart windows will do this for you, allowing you to make huge savings on your heating costs.

Reducing Lighting Costs

Likewise, installing electrochromic windows from world-leading producers such asMHDTwill result in major savings on your lighting costs.

They can adjust to allow you to make the most of natural lighting, ensuring that you won’t need to switch on a lightbulb during the day.

Researchers have demonstrated that replaces your windows with smart glass can reduce a business’s lighting bill by up to 60%. This will leave you with more money to grow your business.

Qualifying for Tax Relief

Did you know you can get tax credits as a reward for improving your energy efficiency?

There have been a number of efforts by the US government to reduce this nation’s carbon footprint. As such, a range oftax incentivesis on offer to businesses that can prove they’re doing their part.

It’s not just about installing solar panels or planting trees. As long as you can provide proof that you’re embedding green energy practices into your business, you can qualify for tax relief.

You may also qualify for tax credits in order to fund the installation of your smart windows. The IRS allows for relief for any business attempting to turn their building into a so-called “green building”.

Opting for electrochromic windows could, therefore, be the most cost-effective business decision you ever make.

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