Did you know that太阳能已经超越了天然气和风to be the biggest source of new energy in the United States?

Many of the largest business brands in the United States have transitioned to solar energy in recent years, including Apple, Walmart, and Amazon.


许多中小型企业思考LD乐动 作为未来的计划。它经常被推迟,因为它尚未承受。


However, the cost of solar installation is one of the many misconceptions about solar energy. To find out more about the top 10 reasons why your business should install solar panels, keep reading below!





2. Good Return on Investment



In addition, the cost of installing solar panels is falling quicker than anyone in the industry expected. This is due to greater investment and improved technology which have made solar panels and equipment cheaper to produce. The fall is expected to continue further with another25 percent dropexpected until the year 2022.

The best part of installing solar panels is that you’re effectively paying for the cost of your energy bills up-front. According to studies, if you install solar panels, you’re installing最多40年的能量for your company. This is all excellent news for companies that are considering switching to solar power.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

After you have installed the solar panels, the costs of maintenance are extremely low. The maintenance needed is mostly cleaning of the solar panels to ensure high performance. The solar energy technology is reliable and repairs are rare and infrequent.


It’s important to consider the costs of maintenance in the context of the approximate cost of $4,000 per kilowatt for the initial installation. Therefore, less than 1 percent of the initial cost of the solar system goes on annual maintenance costs.

4. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


通过切换到太阳能,您可以减少温室气体排放up to 40 percent。This is because solar is a renewable energy and does not produce greenhouse gas emissions.

There is also a wide range of economic incentives provided by the U.S. government to encourage companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can find out more about this on theEnvironmental Protection Agency网站。

5. Install Solar Panels for Great PR

Switching to solar power demonstrates that your company is committed to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. Since the Paris Climate Accord in 2015, climate change is increasingly seen as a mainstream issue in the public eye.

This can be a great public relations boost for your company. According to market research,超过30%的消费者计划增加他们在社交责任公司上的内容。

Furthermore, as the number of millennials in the market continues to increase, it’s important to recognize the values of this generation of consumers. Millenials are much more likely to spend money with a company that appears environmentally and socially responsible.


Did you know that you could increase the value of your company’s properties by installing solar panels?

While you might not be expecting to sell your property any time soon, it’s important to think about this for the future of your business.

According to research by the美国能源部劳伦斯伯克利实验室, the value of properties with solar panels can increase by up to 4 percent.

根据这一点美国能源部, properties with solar panels installed not only sell for a premium. They also sell much faster than properties without solar panels.



According to research, employees working for a company that has ‘green’ credentials havehigher levels of satisfaction。这对于公司的财务表现也很重要。The Financial Times报告称,“快乐工作场所”帮助公司达到更高的表现。

另外,如果你想吸引most talented and hard-working young people, it’s important that you take corporate social responsibility (CSR) measures like switching to solar seriously.


Many of the competitors in your industry are already likely switching to solar energy. As the cost of solar energy continues to fall, you’re spending a greater amount of your annual budget on energy bills than your competitors.

However, it’s not just about the cost savings of switching to solar that puts you at a disadvantage. Your competition could already be benefiting from the many of the reasons outlined above. If you don’t want your consumers to see your company as the dirty energy and expensive alternative, you need to switch now.

You simply can’t afford to give your competitors the advantage of switching to solar before you.


A socially responsible company also thinks about the other people living in your community.

For many people in the community, the air pollution caused by industry and commercial businesses damages the health of community members and the environment around them.

If your company is harming the people in your community, this can harm your reputation and positive image in the city or town in which you operate.


10. Improve U.S.’s Energy Independence

Despite the growth of solar energy and other alternative energy sources, the United States remains reliant on foreign oil sources from the Middle East and other counties.


Your company can play an important role in improving the United States’ energy independence. If you invest in the solar future of the U.S., you can help the country stride towards a sustainable and independent energy economy of the future.

More Green Business Ideas

There are so many reasons to switch to solar energy for your business.


But there are many other things you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of your business from ensuring you have agreen office spaceto changing to agreen philosophyfor your business.

If you want to find out more about renewable energy and how to reduce your carbon footprint,check out the rest of our blogtoday!